This 2-hour workshop will teach you how to make a durable and lightweight headdress base from scratch. Follow step-by-step instructions to recreate three different base styles in real time.

Anja Yamaji has been teaching this headdress workshop in-person across Texas and now you can take it no matter where you are! This class covers how to create the base. Once you’re familiar with how to build the base, check out the Headdress Workshop - Fan and Floral Design to decorate it. Use this base as a starting point for a headdress for costumes, festivals, concerts, special events, body paint competitions, photo shoots, and more.

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to create a headdress pattern
  • How to shape and glue craft foam
  • 3 different base styles
  • Tools in Anja’s toolbox
  • Materials necessary for headdresses, such as craft foam and floral foam
  • Types of glues including contact cement, water-based glues, and resin-based glues
  • Professional tips, dos and don'ts in headdress making



You'll receive printable PDF files of the following:

  • Pattern for the universal base (print on 8.5x11 sheet and cut out)
  • Pattern layout sheet to explain how to lay your pattern pieces on the table
  • Step-by-step written instructions for how to make the headdress base
  • List of types of glues
  • Checklist of materials and tools for making the base
  • List of what's in my toolbox
  • Links to all materials, glues and tools

DURATION: 2 hours


This class does not cover how to decorate the headdress. Learn how embellish the base in the Headdress Workshop - Fan and Floral Design.


Materials Kit for Headdress Base

The kit is available to purchase on Etsy. It includes:

  • craft foam
  • head band
  • strap and elastic
  • floral foam

If you would like to take a live workshop please go to Anja's Eventbrite page.

Hi, I’m Anja!

I’m an artist dedicated to bringing color and sparkle to everyday life with my custom work.

Through beauty makeup, body paint, and headdresses, I find joy in helping others feel beautiful and confident. 

My fine art paintings are tuned to the positive energy in a space and are designed to enhance a room with the right colors.

As your art mentor and instructor, I’m here to help you succeed.

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VIP Edition

Includes the Basic Edition and 1 hour of 1-on-1 training

What can you create with your headdress base?

Below are some examples using the three different headdress bases from this workshop.

Using the Peacock Style Base

Finish your peacock style base with decorations that span from side to side.

Using the Warrior Style Base

The warrior style makes for an impactful design from front to back.

Using the Headband Style Base

The headband style is perfect for when you don't want to cover the forehead.